The Municipality of Blacks Harbour maintains the water and sewer utility through a non-profit, user pay system.  Revenues generated through the water and sewer user fees cannot be used for other municipal services, only for the maintenance and improvements of the utility.  The annual user fee is paid over three billing periods, January - April, May - August and September - December.


For 2022, annual residential user fees are:

Sewer Only          $286.50

Water Only          $286.50

Water & Sewer   $486


For commercial, institution and industrial rates, please contact the Municipal Office at 456-4870.


Early Payment Discount

All residential account holders are eligible for a 15% discount on utility bills, if paid within 30 days of the invoice date.


Payment Options

Payments can be made in person at the Municipal Office via cash, debit or cheque.  Payments can also be made through on-line banking with most major financial institutions or on the External link opens in new tab or windowService New Brunswick website. 

Utility agreement

Agreement of payment-Utility Arrears