Zoning is a device that is used for municipal land use planning.  The purpose of the zoning process is to balance the wants and needs of various stakeholders, at the same time as providing environmental protection, all within a strategic framework.

In Blacks Harbour the primary zoning by-law is Z.1, A By-law to Adopt the Village of Blacks Harbour Rural Plan.  The by-law was recently updated in January 2011 through a series of public consultations.  For more detail on zoning within the Municipality, please see By-law Z.1 and consult the related zoning map.


Amendments (By-law Z.1  section 2.2)

A person seeking to have bylaw Z.1, A by-law to Adopt the Village of Blacks Harbour Rural Plan amended shall:

(1) address a written and signed application to the Development Officer; and

(2) pay a fee of $400.

Every effort will be made to process applications as quickly as possible; however, there are legislative requirements that take time. 


The re-zoning process may take up to 3-4 months and may require public consultation through a Public Hearing process.  For more information, please contact the South West New Brunswick Service Commission at (506) 456-7869