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Public Hearing Notice Z.2.2

October 19, 2022 at 7:00pm

Public Hearing Notice Z.2.2

 Incorporated in 1972, the Village of Blacks Harbour is celebrating 50 years in 2022 !

Here is a little History on how Blacks Harbour became incorporated:

Ellis Nason, the former manager of Connors Store, travelled door to door to each villager. He was not collecting for charities or vending merchandise. He was asking each citizen if they approved of the idea of the village incorporating. Some didn’t care, but most thought it was a great idea. With accumulated support, Mr. Nason approached the Department of Municipal Affairs. With their approval, the Village of Blacks Harbour became incorporated on November 1, 1972. The first elected mayor was Thomas Glennie Sr., with elected Municipal Officers being: Mr. Ormand Deveau, Delbert Gallagher, Milford Henderson, Donald Moses and William Walsh, and the Village Clerk/Treasurer was Edwin Armstrong.

211 is up and running in New Brunswick!

People who dial 211 will be connected with a community navigator, who will direct the caller to the services they need. Services include food security, mental health support, housing, and home care.

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