June 7, 2021 :  The newly elected Municipal Council for the Village of Blacks Harbour was sworn in.


 The residents of Blacks Harbour are represented by a Mayor and five Councillors.   


If you have an issue or concern you would like to bring to their attention, feel free to contact the Municipal Office at 456-4870, or contact Mayor and Council directly by email.

Mayor John D. Craig


Deputy Mayor Adam R. Hatt


Councillor Amber Libby


Councillor Ashley Ritchie


Councillor Gerald Welles

 506 456 4870

Councillor Jordan Thompson



Bringing Concern to the Attention of Village Council

You may write to Village Council, asking members to consider an issue or you may ask to speak at a Council meeting to address members of Council in person.


If you would like to appear before Council, your request must state the issue you wish to address and be submitted to the Clerk's Office not less than 3 calendar days prior to meeting being held.


Once your request has been received and the meeting agenda has been reviewed, the Clerk will contact you with regard to a time and the process to follow.  For more information, please contact the Municipal Office by email at c_hatt@blacksharbour.ca